The Beauclaire brand was first introduced in the UK in 1993 - so of course it’s our 20th anniversary! Based on a product similar to today’s design, but with a lot less choice, the Beauclaire offered caravanners, motorcaravanners (a lot less of the latter in those days than there are today!) and campers, an outdoor cooking product which, for the first time, really did allow you to cook complete meals.

The gas burner’s unique flame pattern combined with the thick cast griddles gave a perfect heat spread using a low flame. This key advantage over all other comparable products remains as valid today as it was 20 years ago. What’s changed over the years is the weight (a lot lighter), the ease of assembly, and the addition of a lot more choice.

The Beauclaire has always been renowned for its durability and simplicity of design. Still made in Europe, it continues to offer that same reliability with virtually nothing that can go wrong. If you become a first-time user of the Beauclaire we wish you many years of great cooking!

If the Beauclaire is new to you, maybe you’re not familiar with its key advantages: sturdiness, quality of cooking, simplicity, ease of cleaning, weight economy, and quick ‘packability’. Some doubts? Then ask any Beauclaire user and your mind will be made up for you.
Try it and join them!