Gas Burner/Windshield/Legs(3)/Cast Iron Griddle, double-sided, enamelled/Oven Dome. For 6 people. Total weight 12.2kg.
Gas burner for use with propane or butane, with unique flame pattern for even heat coverage. Cast iron griddle, for perfect heat retention (a cast griddle retains and spreads the heat beautifully - quite unlike a pressed griddle), enamelled, double-sided smooth/ridged. Griddle handles in coiled steel, which stay cool. Enamelled steel Oven Dome for roasting, baking or just keeping food warm - high enough for a full family roast if required. With a double wing nut fixing each of the 3 legs, the Beauclaire is assembled.And for cleaning? Just the griddle and, when used, the Oven Dome. It’s really that simple.